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"Elyse possesses an exceptional coaching style that I would describe as professional, yet warm and friendly. Our sessions usually began with casual conversations and transitioned into coaching discussions guided by Elyse's adept use of context. As the sessions progressed, Elyse's questions became increasingly challenging, thought-provoking, and insightful. Despite their depth, she always delivered them with kindness and warmth, creating a safe space for me to respond in my own authentic way."



"Elyse is like a rare earth material! She has been coaching me for the past few months and I must say, being a coach she understands my pulse. She made sure that I understood what the coaching was all about and what the structure of the coaching sessions would be. At the same time, she gave me confidence that all our conversations would be strictly confidential and that secrecy would be maintained. This enabled me to be open up with her in our sessions which helped me to handle the career challenges effectively. One unique quality that I have observed about her was, she remembers data points from earlier sessions very well. She ensured that I kept motivated & focused to work on my goals. Another important point about her was, she asked the right questions which are deep in nature and allowed me to find answers." 

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